Indiana’s Forests and the Foresters who love them

  • Members of our association work with woodland owners and wood-using industries to harvest trees in ways that sustain and strengthen Indiana’s beautiful forests.
  • Indiana’s forestland has more than tripled since 1900 to 4.8 million acres, thanks to professional forestry management.
  • Woodlands now cover roughly 20 percent of Indiana’s land.
  • Timber harvesting is not “clear-cutting” and involves thoughtful selection that supports the remaining trees to enhance and strengthen woodlands.
  • Indiana has very few acres of old-growth forests because the pioneers cleared almost all of the trees. Most “old” forests are populated by trees that are less than 100 years old.
  • Non-native trees and foliage harm the natural ecosystem by competing for resources with native trees and plants. Controlling invasive species helps the native species thrive.
  • Consulting foresters want all forests to be as healthy as possible, because we love the forest and recognize its ecological and economic importance to society.

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