Indiana’s forests are a valuable natural resource, providing beauty, habitats that support all forms of life (including human), and forest products that improve our lives. The Indiana Association of Consulting Foresters is an organization of professional foresters who serve landowners by managing their forests and ethically marketing forest products on their behalf.

Our members help landowners by:

  • establishing and protecting their family’s forest legacy.
  • supporting their land’s habitat for wildlife and recreation.
  • enhancing the value of their property.
  • producing sustainable and renewable timber harvests.
  • increasing the value of their timber.
  • Protecting Your Interests

A Variety of Services

Consulting foresters provide services that include:

Protecting Your Interests

Members cannot buy timber and must always work in the landowner’s best interests. We work directly with woodland owners and Indiana’s forest product industries to harvest trees in a manner that sustains and strengthens our state’s beautiful forests.

Our association is a state chapter of the Association of Consulting Foresters, a national organization advancing the professionalism, ethics, and interests of professional foresters with strict membership standards and ethical practices.